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Hitz Email Miner (Extractor)

Hitz Email Miner is a powerful software designed to extract email addresses from local files of any type, websites, search engines, etc., for building subjected email lists.

Just by specifying the keywords and clicking a button, the software will dig thousands of email addresses related to your search query from various sources mentioned earlier. As email list is created based on a specific query, you can prepare an email list strongly targeted to specific subject. Some of its features include:

More than 1000 emails can be extracted per hour
Facility to validate extracted email addresses
Focus on any specific keywords or websites
Detect and delete invalid/duplicate email addresses
Export extracted email Ids in .txt and .xls formats
System Requirements
  Hardware Specifications Software Specifications
  CPU - Pentium 233 MHz Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 2.0
  RAM - 128MB Microsoft MySQL Connector / ODBC 3.51
  Minimum 50MB free hard disk space Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
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